The League of Sacred Devils is a collection of 10,000 devils, generated randomly from over 500 assets.
Each devil is unique with features, identities and personalities combined from many different categories.

All Sacred Devils safely reside in the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 Tokens.

League of Sacred Devils

The Story

After millennia of constant war between Good and Evil, all life on Earth perished. While reflecting on the consequences of their actions, Lucifer and God decided to put aside their differences and make peace. Heaven and Hell opened their gates to each other.

10,000 male devils and 10,000 female angels were ordered to relocate to Earth to repair the damage that had been done. At first, the devils and angels were wary of each other. But as time went on, they learned to live together in harmony. A hybrid community developed through procreation and peace finally thrived on Earth.

As the story of humanity came to an end, a new chapter with endless possibilities had begun.


Phase I - Highway to Hell

Minting timeline


Six Sacred Devils will be selected at random to have Twitter banners made by our artist.
Serials 1–396 at the time of snapshot are eligible!

16% SOLD

FanArt contest begins on Discord. Best FanArt gets 0.6 ETH, a special discord role, and their FanArt featured on our server.

46% SOLD

Meme contest launches on Discord. The winner gets 1 ETH.

66% SOLD

Six Sacred Devils will be selected at random to receive Commemorative 1/1 Physical Collectibles. Serials 1–4356 at the time of snapshot are eligible!

76% SOLD

One randomly selected Sacred Devil will get a Sacred Devil neon light sign. Serials 1–5066 at the time of snapshot are eligible!

100% SOLD

One randomly selected Sacred Devil will get a unique 1/1 Sacred Devil NFT Serials 1-10000
Phase II - Stairway to Heaven

Entrance Closed

Once 10,000 have been summoned (minted), the minting will be closed and all Sacred Devils can be viewed on Opensea.

Devil Encyclopedia

An Indexed Sacred Devil Viewing platform will be added to the website. It will be an interactive gallery of all the currently summoned (minted) Sacred Devils.

Angel Harps

Our art team has started working on “League of Holy Angels”. There will be 10,000 Holy Angels. Each Sacred Devil will be bestowed with a unique personality trait, as will each Holy Angel.

Let's get lovin’

Once “League of Holy Angels” is launched, each person holding 1 Sacred Devil and 1 Holy Angel with matching personality traits can create Hybrid Child for free. (Each Sacred Devil and Holy Angel can only be used once). After all Sacred Devils and Holy Angels have minted, Phase II will officially be closed.
Phase III - Beyond the Horizon

Welcome to the new Earth

Onto new beginnings

Once all Sacred Devils, Holy Angels and Hybrid Children have been minted, we will begin Phase III.

Life of Earth

As each Sacred Devil, Holy Angel and Hybrid Child have unique personalities and appearance, our team will hold a contest to decide which Sacred Devils, Holy Angels and Hybrid Children should feature in our bi-weekly comic book series based on the story behind the NFTS.

Members Only Merch

Limited edition T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Hats and more!

Endless Possibilities

Much more will come as each day passes. Stay Tuned!

The Art

The artist and team have worked for nearly 3 months developing the concept and the art. We maintain our belief of "Quality over speed". We want to stand out in the ever growing NFT space as project with Unique and Beautiful Artwork. Our investors deserve the very best and we aim to deliver.

Experience Purity of Art

When designing NFTs, our team holds the quality of the artwork as the number one priority. Our artist has handcrafted every single asset, putting in love, sweat, tears and countless hours over several weeks to make sure that the quality is worthy of being immortalized on the blockchain

Generated Randomly
from over 500 assets

10,000 avatars

Over 500 traits

5 Deadly Sinners


Founder of the Sacred Devils Project

Major Diablo

Co-Founder of the Sacred Devils Project


Artist of the Sacred Devils Project

Dr Cerberus

Creative Director of the Sacred Devils Project

Señor Hades

Developer of the Sacred Devils Project